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We’ve Got Plenty of Storage Space

Say goodbye to long term storage space contracts and say hello to easy month to month contracts. At Indoor RV & Boat Storage, our job is to take away the worry and concern about your RV or boat. You’ll enjoy our extra wide aisles and easy access 24 hours a day. Storing your vehicle just got easier!

We’ve listed some reasons why you should choose Indoor RV & Boat Storage as your premier storage provider:

  • No need to detail several times a year to protect the finish.
  • Use your valuable spare time to enjoy your investment rather than wash, wax and clean it.
  • When you want to go, your vehicle is ready. If you are too busy and your vehicle needs to be serviced, detailed or whatever, we can help. You don’t have to waste time waiting around or have to take off from work to take your vehicle to the shop. We’ll make the arrangements for you.
  • If you store your RV at home, when the RV is away, it’s like putting a sign outside for thieves that says, “We’re away on vacation. Come on in.” Your home will be safer, because thieves will not be tipped off when you are away.
  • Vandalism, a break in, theft or other unauthorized access is less likely, when your vehicle is securely stored indoors and is out of public view.
  • Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies recommend that recreational vehicles be stored inside.
  • No more criticism by neighbors, violations of CC&R or city ordinances for storing in front of your residence or on the street. No more costly citations.
  • Add thousands of dollars to your trade-in and resale value by keeping your vehicle in “like new” condition.
  • Indoor RV & Boat Storage exclusively serves the RV and boating communities.

When you’re ready to store your RV or boat, give us a call!

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